Globe rotation in flash

The last thing you need to adjust is the symbol's registration point. The answer is simple. Subscribe to New Posts Enter your email address: World Resources Simulation Center. Making a circular guided motion tween animation … […].

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Rotating Globe Effect in Flash

Give us more and more tuts like that, pls. Your image should now be perfectly centered on the stage. Drag iin bg image from the library on to the stage. Now create an oval using oval tool as given in the reference image below: Every time something is out of sync, or when you'd have to change the duration of the animation, you would have to rework and modify big parts of the timeline.

This is clear if you look at the first image below - the new layer's icon is indented. But there is no animation yet. The green object is the starting point of the animation, an the red one the ending. Next, click on the second button in the first row see 2 above to center the image of the Sun horizontally on the stage.

Fine for the color, but this isn't a real circle. Block the fill color 2. Cheryl Nov 13, at 5: Its icon is a little bit indented and the icon of the guide layer above it represents a miniature on path.

Movies >> Animations: Rotating Globe Animation - Flash Kit

This can be seen in the Flash example below. Good for telling others about GENI. Also, it will automatically be guided by the guide layer, although gkobe is completely empty. Making a circular guided motion tween animation … […].

Before starting we already have layer 1, now name the layer as bg. Go to the Options portion of the Tools panel. This line won't be visible in your final Flash movie, but selecting a clearly visible color makes your work easier. When this option is turned on, any object s that you are aligning will do so in relation with the dimensions and edges of the stage.

Rotating Globe Animation

How can you tell if you are working on the stage or inside a symbol? Hence the necessary use of the eraser. All you have to do rotatioon is make the guide visible - a planet's movement path looks nice on a Solar system map, so why not add it?

Thank you, thank you, and thank you…. That's because when you work inside a movie clip, when you go back to the main scene, this same movie clip is selected. Flash won't make a full circle animation, because it will look for the shortest possible way between the starting and the ending point, as you can clearly see in figure B.

Flash just works this way.

Once the layer is below the venus layer, a gray bolded line will appear indicating that the layer is ready to snap into place. By placing it below, the planet is more visible and looks better. Then displays growth of grid transmission limits from the beginning of grids to the year Thank you for your tutorial.

This is time-consuming and can become a real annoyance if you have to make changes more than once. Click on it with the Selection tool V to select it. Afeefa Feb 28, at 6:

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