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Anonymous July 30, at TheDark Lemur October 17, at Hallo liebes aj Team ich habe das Passwort von faun vergseesn und will es wieder mein momentan aj Name ist galaxystar Danke. After that, she disabled her account so the hacker could no longer have the ability to get on it anymore.

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I immediately started to freak out.


Even if it's just your opinion, anything unkind you say can be very hurtful. Liluthis AJ March 22, at 7: Anonymous June 7, at 8: I hope all the jammers that were hacked got their stuff back: She was recovering, but she got hacked again with her animals changed to ones that were supposed to look like naked men.

Please Help Me ControlCreate! Mary Gray August 8, at 2: WolfSuit animal jam April 16, at 8: Unknown August 6, at 2: Someone and Error had the trade sign glitching passsord them, so this means he was possibly doing that.

Phishing Phishing is the most easiest and popular hacking method used by hackers to get someone account details.

My username is hdj22 My Password was clucking22 and I'm not using a hack system to hack animaljam Chanel Gift December 8, at 7: Bepper July 13, at 4: Lps dreambig March 9, at 3: Unknown February 24, at 5: I have another account that I remember the password to and I will really appreciate it if you help me recover my child's password for her account and her account is SassyrainbowAJ thank you so much for the help and I would appreciate it if you sent that email to mintyshiveer gmail.

There are also some rumors about Libertyy being hacked, too, but she probably just transferred her items over to a storage for safety. I had a log in battle with the hacker who had deleted Eliza's few gifts from me and some of her friends. - free accounts, logins and passwords

Moreever hacker can even control the victims computer. Triwillows AJ July passdord, at 8: I went back on my account to see Radioactivebug32 blabbering about in Eliza's member accounts den. I tried searching up his name. Anonymous August 8, at 4: Notify me of new comments via email.

I locked my account but was still scared of getting hacked. The thing that makes people scared about him is his weird username.

Thank You lots AJ! There was a 10 minute log-in battle with the hacker. Ajhq- I am hoping that this actually works: Unknown July 13, at 9: FOUR paesword long spike collars You must check out this article to be safe and to prevent your online accounts from hacking.

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