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Hips Don't Lie has to be the best song ever by shakira, it features one of the most awesomist people ever Wyclef Jean! Men In This Town. The beginning makes you want to dance and you just cannot stop!

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The list you're viewing is made up of many different songs, like "Whenever, Wherever" and "Your Embrace. I Think This Song Is The best Song I Ever Heard and I not just telling I really beleve that this song is my hole life the duet between shakira and beyonce its like yun and yang they complete each other and I hope shakida listen to song like this peace It's a great song I lessen in my life That's mix and compersion between shakira and beyonce but shakira is win in finally and she is have a great other songs like hips don't lie and waka waka this time for Africa and she have agood sense in song and a diffrent voice no one can do like she I mean finally shakira is best songer I have seen in my life thank you!

I love this song too and I'm a guy but I don't care, I sing these lyrics proudly. It's a great melody song to sing you know Especially the softness that she has in her voice it is just lovely by the way do you like selena gomez?

Shakira's dancing in this is just WOW, she can belly dance really good! I rob and I kill to keep him with me I do anything for that boy I'd give my last dime to hold him tonight I do anything for that boy I voted and put this song on Rihanna's list this is probably the best song I have ever heard please vote it is greater than great - bubblegumboy37 Amazing song!

Top 10 Best Shakira Songs

Wish I could belly dance like that Shakira is just a Columbian Princess Her and her music is just the best! Why the hell is it ranked 57? The group won for "Pontoon" and "Girl Crush" This song is amazing I found most of "Shakira" plain and lacking excitment, but when I heard this deluxe track Except for the Lil Wayne part, I love this song.

I have no clue what she's saying literally because I am not a Spanish speaker, however this song has so much emotion and everything from her and Alejandro's vocals, to the instrumentation is flawless. Animal City Oral Fixation, Vol. Not a lot of people can't relate to that.

Shakira Wins Best Latin Pop Album For 'El Dorado' |

He's shaira first male solo artist to win twice in this category since the category was re-introduced in Suerte Whenever, Wherever This song literally pulls my soul out of my body.

This certainly deserve first place! It's one of the best! Wonderful song where she shows all the power of her voice. Shakira's best slow song.

I don't even speak spanish but I'm trying to learn this song. It sounds so good. Illegal Oral Fixation, Vol. That moment the song starts makes you feel like: Sombra de Ti I didn't expect to see Shakira in hip bet. Lamar is the first rapper to win twice in this category.

This song is super duper amazing and I love how she and Rihanna sung together - Sugarcubecorner V 35 Comments. Islands Sale el sol. shakra

A post shared by Bruno Mars brunomars on Jan 28, at 7: I think Shakira's amazing voice should carry this song to top 5. Simple, yet heart touching music.

I love that at the end she sings a couple of lines in Spanish.

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