Boris continuum complete 5

Once installed, the plug-ins show up in the effect palette in much the same way as any native Avid effect. Under the hood, Uprez uses a range of intelligent pattern recognition and fractal recreation algorithms, but to you and me, it comes down to a simple choice in the Quality menu. The new Uprez effect is another timely addition in the same category Distortion and Perspective , just as the transition from SD to HD is becoming mainstream. After you tweak your color key, you can nest Matte Cleanup , Composite Choker , and Matte Choker effects incrementally to achieve that impeccable key. I see many interesting possibilities for video-wall backgrounds in my future.

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Interface Once installed, the plug-ins show up in the effect palette in much the same way as any native Avid effect. There is definitely room for improvement in this area. BCC Misalignment Filter A good way to start would be to play with the excellent presets built into each effect.

BCC shares the same core architecture as Cpmplete, and sure enough, it offers the same the deep operability as Red.

That said, when the software arrived, I was a little disappointed to see the same old dreary rock textured jewel case with the dated BorisFX logo and not the more contemporary design shown on the BorisFX website. If you found this page from a direct link, please visit our forums or read other articles at CreativeCOW.

No more parsing through indices, trying to find the relevant page numbers. Two useful tools built into all of the filters are the Pixel Chooser and Motion Tracker.

BCC Motion Keya new offering in this category, gauges movement in the foreground and then replaces those pixels with a clean background plate excluding the foreground object it constructs, borrowing background pixels across the duration of the clip.

Boris FX Boris FX Continuum Complete 5 for Autodesk BCSPARKS B&H

So I threw a rather tough challenge at it to see how it stacked up. For comllete reason, Boris Red has become an indispensable tool for all my keying operations. The Motion Tracker is based on the high-grade tracker from the Boris Blue and Red compositing tools — though it can only track one point at a time, and in 2D only. I can finally zoom, pan, and rotate the camera with ease, and best of all, view the final borls in a little window on-screen.

That may be a good add for boirs future version. Over special effect plug-ins sparks allow you to render clean effects such as volumetric lighting, lens flares, glint, depth blurring, 3D geometric shapes, film effects, bump mapping, glows, fast and easy keying, and optical-flow-based time warping.

Boris FX Continuum Complete 5

The Effect Editor for BCC looks similar to other Avid effects, making it easy to miss some subtle yet significant improvements. Since this is my first review of any BCC product, I approached it as a first look at some of its most interesting and useful features.

It out performs any other laptop I have tried for gaming, and the transportable design and incredible display also make it ideal for work. Though BCC Lens Flare does not feature quite as many preset looks as Knoll, the flares themselves looked spectacular in my i project.

BCC AVX does have its share of quirks, but most of them are cosmetic and are likely to be addressed in future updates.

Sounds intense, and it is to your processor, so take that lunch break while this one renders. The render time can be a little bit of a bog-down however, so try to preview it in draft mode before you render.

The bigger picture While editing investigative documentaries, I often have to work with scanned photographs and documents.

xomplete However, I urge you to draw your own conclusion, so xontinuum take a free 14 day test drive. Having made a career predominantly on Avid NLEs, I have come to rely on their stability and ability to share assets seamlessly over networks.

Applying BCC Prism to generic animation looks should reap very abstract and interesting background possibilities. Click image for larger view. Re-synthesis of completely new frames in relation to the movement of pixels between frames is offered via the optical-flow-based motion key feature.

Unwrapped Never judge a book or software by its cover. Enter Boris Continuum Complete AVX, a comprehensive collection of plug-ins that promises to upgrade the Avid experience, transforming the editor into an enterprising effects and compositing solution. You might wonder, cokplete include non-real-time versions of the effects, when you cojplete have them working real time?

All the manuals are available as PDF documents in the installation disk. The source was a long shot inside a Vegas casino shot at i HDV and down-converted to i in-camera. Compatibility Autodesk Discreet System. To be honest, I started off being a little skeptical about its claims.

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