Command and conquer generals patch 1.8

Click on the tab labeled Advanced settings, then click in the tab named Forwarding. After you enter a port number, be sure to hit Accept. This is to discourage players from artificially bolstering their rank and stats through a dummy account. However, Prime95's Torture Test is a more reliable way to test your system's stability. The game will not run properly if your computer has an ATI or Nvidia video card with an older chipset than the ones listed on the box, or a chipset from a completely different manufacturer.

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If you changed this address at any time, you should type in the address that you entered the first time that you configured your router. The game will need to talk to external servers that use the following port numbers.

Special thanks to forum regular HautKarl for the following information. Made sure the Rocket Buggy and the Comanches can reload reliably. However, Prime95's Torture Test is a more reliable way to test your system's stability.

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One note to remember: Command and Conquer Generals English 1. There aren't any comments yet. Now you should generaals at the main menu of the SMC setup program. General connection fixups behind routers multiple players behind the same router, refreshing the player IP after a failed connection 3. Always make sure that you have installed your manufacturer's latest drivers before running the game.

Fixed the missing artwork for the "random private" rank in Generals online. The 18 Port specifies which port is used to initiate the connection.

Made sure the missiles continue tracking targets after the player upgrades the Rocket Buggy. Added a new command line for mod developers that lets Generals run user-created content.

If your system cooling is inadequate, it will cause the system to become unstable, and possibly crash. This will cause the hardware to dissipate a lot of heat. Now start the game in each computer and go to the Options menu, then click in the Refresh NAT option.

Ping tolerance icon adjustment to make more useful Make sure to check the message boards at www. All the chat rooms in the custom match lobby now have their own dedicated list of active games.

Generals patch 1.08

Fixed pqtch of the same game appearing multiple times in the lobby. Made sure that targets take damage correctly when multiple ordinances hit a target simultaneously.

To viewall of what the patch has to offer, refer to the ReadME. To do that open MS Internet Explorer, and in the address box, type http: Below, you will find instructions on how to open the ports of an SMC wireless router.

Command & Conquer: Generals GAME PATCH v ENG - download -

To do that, open MS Internet Explorer and in the address box type http: These include the following chipsets: Fixed some instances of the "serious error" crash. Made sure the online stats are tracked correctly. Damaged pach increased from 60 to Be sure to let it complete a full pass at least once. Here you will setup a range of ports. You should no longer see the "Lost connection to Generals online" error when your connection is still active.

In the picture below you can see we used ports to

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