Deep impact 1998

Ellen Bry as Stofsky. The Motion Picture Guide Annual. This article is about the film involving a "killer comet". Despite competition in the summer of from the similar Armageddon , Deep Impact was still a box office hit and was the higher opener of the two.

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Leslie Dilley as Waiter. Spielberg still planned to direct Deep Impact himself, but commitments to his film Amistad prevented him from doing so in time, 198 as Touchstone Pictures had just announced their own similarly-themed film Armageddonalso to be released in summer Unable to safely attempt a second landing, the crew of Messiah decide to obliterate Wolf by undertaking a suicide mission.

After the waters recede, President Beck speaks to a large crowd at the US Capitol which is being rebuilt, encouraging them to 1998 and honor the heroes for their sacrifice.

Deep Impact () - IMDb

He also reveals that the United States and Russia have been constructing an Orion spacecraft called Messiah in orbit that will transport a team, led by Oren Monash and including veteran astronaut Spurgeon "Fish" Tanner, to the comet, hoping to alter its path with nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, Wolf dies in a car accident on his way to try to alert the authorities. Betsy Brantley as Ellen Biederman.

After this, she finds out that Ellie is really an acronym: Don Handfield as Dwight Tanner. Richard Schiff as Don Biederman.

Jon Favreau as Gus Partenza. Sarah's parents tell Leo to take Sarah and her baby brother to high ground.

Retrieved March 23, Log in with Facebook. Clarkewhich dealt impcat a similar theme of an asteroid on a collision course for Earth and humanity's attempts to prevent its own extinction.

The Motion Picture Guide Annual. Leelee Sobieski as Sarah Hotchner. Robert Duvall as Spurgeon Tanner. This did happen a few times back in the 90's with the two volcano flicks Jason Frasca as Steve Tanner. This was one aspect I've always like about the movie and that's the combination of the Earth based drama and space set drama, both of which are solid and gel perfectly. The Mask of Dee Vanessa Redgrave as Robin Lerner.

I will be quite honest here and say this movie gets me every time with the old waterworks, I can't help it. The ruination of poor old New York is well rendered and still holds up today, watching the megatsunami sweep through the city toppling skyscrapers is actually quite scary.

Stephanie Patton as Brittany Baker. But it does turn out to be a fairly involving movie.

Don't have an account? After they say goodbye to their loved ones by video conference, they fly directly into a large deep crevasse created by out-gassing, and use their remaining nuclear warheads to blow Wolf into smaller pieces that burn up harmlessly in Earth's atmosphere.

The music for the film was composed and conducted by James Horner. Kimberly Huie as Wendy Mogel. Retrieved from " https: Leo catches up to them on a motorcycle.

Back in we got the first of two movies revolving around the possible impacf events of a gigantic comet hitting the Earth.

On the other hand the drama kicking off in space is managed expertly by Duvall, him and his team really do come across as a proper group of astronauts.

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