Epson cd printing

Adjust other settings to meet your individual needs. The printed surface is easily smeared immediately after printing. If you have already chosen a background, you see a different screen. Printer Type see all. Then repeat these steps, but select either Second or Third as the Print Density Confirmation Pattern Position setting to print your second or third pattern on the disc.

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Make sure the disc lies flat in the tray. Click the Select Printer button. Click the Text button on the tool palette on the left.

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Click Properties to access the printer driver. You can also use options in the Color Settings and Object Settings windows. If your printed images and text are not centered or positioned the way you want on your CD or DVD, you may need to adjust the printing position.

Select Manual Feed as the Paper Source. Select Print Settings from the pop-up menu.

Direct CD/DVD Printing

Print position adjustment If you notice that the print position is misaligned, adjust it as follows. Select Fine-tune Print Position from the File menu. You can make more complex settings using the printer driver. Close the printer cover. Load letter size paper in the sheet feeder. Select A4 as the Size setting. Keep printed discs away from moisture and direct sunlight.

The paper is ejected. Otherwise, dirt or scratches on the surface may cause errors when you burn the data.

Adjusting the Print Position with a Macintosh. The Print dialog box appears. To remove the adapter, gently push upwards on the round tabs.

Printing on a CD/DVD

Moisture on the printable surface may cause smearing. After prijting pattern is printed, examine the print. Choose Print from the File menu. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct: Find a repair centre close.

Remove any paper from the sheet feeder. Select the background image you want to use, then click Open. Before printing on a CD or DVD, it is necessary to clean the roller inside of the printer by feeding and ejecting Letter size plain paper.

Click the Text tab, type characters in the Text box, then click OK. Select None as the Test Print Pattern setting. Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box. If ink smears on your printed CDs or DVDs, you may need to adjust the color saturation or ink density. I did not use it for about 6months when I then attempted to print a Photo the colours were poor. Click OK in the Adjust Background window.

Select Print Settings from the pull-down menu. If you need to adjust the color, make the Print Color Correction setting lighter or darker as necessary. If the ink smears, adjust the color saturation using Epson Print CD.

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