Arokai game finish

To the lack of updates, to the lack of activity, everything seemed to be on a consistent and steady downhill roll. I hate being 11 I'm not that good at keeping secrets, but when it comes to age Just a before-hand notice.

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But now that everything is out in the open, life is so less stressful and I can finally move on.

Gah, I can't wait. Lions think lions are good, and owls think owls are good. Although I want the deer, owl, wolf and gryphon, too! We may end up using other libraries for the game. Just sucks that this is what became of it.

I can totally see how easily I could make Anirapio there. Personally, I'd fallen out of touch with the Aro'kai community since so this was kind of a surprise to me I did know people who were at one point friends with 'Onowl'. Well, she said she might ffinish the notes from the creator-download.

Reposted, Slycan made the mistake of merging the other topic above mind and PM'd me about it and told me I could repost it if desired, so I have. But after years had passed by with little progress, I lost interest.

Yes it is a very interesting game in mind what the quality and movement Interestno when it comes out? Kahara is onowl, voxlyons, zaikaikee, and carnage to name a few. Especially the drama with Kahara, gae.

There's hope that the real owner of Arokai which is not Onowl can reboot the whole thing. Aro'kai Finsih Official Aro'kai dA: Who knows what other accounts she owns at this point. My Art Thread DA.

Um, Superfeesh mentioned though that she may give the project away to other people? Be careful as no one really knows what identity she's lurking around on in our communities currently, and if you're someone involved with any kind of project or work I'd keep eyes and ears open so it doesn't get spoiled or pulled down by unnecessary drama.

The fate of Feral Heart/IT/Aro'kai? | General Discussion | Flight Rising

November 19, - 9: Because that's just disgusting, wrong, and hopefully illegal I'm not well educated in law and stuff since I have 0 interest for it. My Art Thread DA. I got no other reason to think otherwise However, if they shut Arokai down, they would've a lot of work lost. July ga,e, - 4: I'm looking forward to how the game will pan out, and I'm always interested in seeing things evolve. It's just what side the species is on.

They still can't legally have anyone under Home Help Fknish Login Register. Meadowstar01 on June 02, I'm really excited for this game. I think I can handle a lot of blood and gore. So I leave ya'll with a few questions: It was a tough spot to be in because we were afraid of Kahara.

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