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Your Language, Your Chandamama. I came to know the links are for English issues only after downloading an issue. You are true messenger of GOD. Hight of negligencu is that they do not reply to your mail. Each page of Chandamama had an illustration, although in the strict sense of the term, Chandamama is not a comic book, with the exception of the Chitra-katha column.

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Chandamama – Stories on Indian Mythology [PDF + CBR]

Mmagazine sir, I am perfect mad of chandamama, I was reading in kannada but due to non availability of chandamama books in kannada language, I am reading these books enjoying lot and most important Engkish was remembering my childhood memories. Some of the stories and the folklore features were written by Dasari Subrahmanyam, who made serials like Patala Durgam, etc. Kannada edition first appeared in July followed by Hindi in August Hi, Please tell me that are all comics in english?

As the oldest brand in the field, Chandamama had taken up the responsibility of delivering entertaining, sensitive, and educational literature for its young readers.

The Punjabi, Sindhi and Sinhala editions were published only for a short period. Your Language, Your Chandamama. Chakrapania friend of Nagi Reddy, was the force behind magazine, and his vision, perception and understanding of the target readership brought name and fame to the magazine.

For the Malayalam film, see Ambili Ammavan film. However the magazine is currently defunct as Geodesic itself was found defaulting on outstanding loans and was ordered to be wound up by the Mumbai High Court.

For other uses of "Chandamama", see Chandamama disambiguation. Celebrating 60 Wonderful Years. It was edited by Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao, a very close friend of Chakrapani and a literary colossus in Telugu Literature, who edited it for 28 years, till his death in August Dennish September 21, I am glad i could help you relive those moments.

See More See Less. Read your favourite stories in your own language. The official website of the magazine was allowed to expire and drop by the magazine owners and the current website is enlgish associated with the Chandamama magazine. For many decades, Chandamama's illustrators defined the look of the magazine.

Retrieved from " https: There are 22 comments Add yours. We want to Subscribe from August to July Sivasankaran, alias Sankar, who cyandamama Chandamama in the yearand continues to draw even now inin an unbroken association of 6 decades!

The wise king answers correctly, and is thus defeated by the Vetala, forcing the king do it all over again and again. The main features of Indian Mythology was completely written by Kutumbarao, who also developed the magazine by encouraging young writers in Telugu and adapted them to suit the Telugu written style that he made so popular in Andhra and the Telugu chanda,ama people for decades.

No English editions were published from October to Maagzine For payment received on 13 th February, the subscription will start from the month of March.

Chandamama - Good Old Stories in English

You are doing a selfless service to the society, respect and appreciation for you. In addition, Chandamama Multimedia CDs have also been published. Facebook Posts Hum Dono. The links cuandamama not work directly. You are true messenger of GOD. Originally, "Chandamama" was started in Telugu by B. But the links given are not corresponding to under the month it is given.

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