Day of defeat source demo

Okay, I am going to try to explain this the best I can. Move to spectate mode. Lets say, for example, that you are playing against a player that you have suspicions about The fast way to do this is when your subject dies, hold down your Tab key to view the player screen and find the subject. Go into Console 2.

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Day of Defeat Source Trailer Pack

Move to spectate mode. Rambo and lo alts of Danil Bagrov. Error given upon crash of demo. Source Recording a demo for Day of Defeat: Hopefully we can bring this problem to resolution soon, and we will be sure to keep this topic up-to-date.

Closed - Demo Playback Crash - Day of Defeat: Source Questions - 1st Marine Raiders

Y - Video attached 05m36s - MB Comments: Several functions may not work. Community Forum Software by IP. That's the way to rally back up the ranks. Already have an account? Let's keep it up and get that number one slot!

Bump Green admin Tags Today, Posted June 17, Permanent Reasons for the Ban: So got one of Small's demos from yesterday, our server, crashed at 2: Posted 11 July - Sign in Already have an account?

Permanent Reasons for the Ban: You can reverse cycle using the right mouse button.

Deduction concludes that the demo itself is corrupted. Have server logs from Yama but don't see anything out of the ordinary That said, if anyone wants to know the story on this, just PM me and I'll tell ya what's going osurce If the load time is not noticeably different, just keep both folders.

Recording a demo for Day of Defeat: Source

Dy another MSO guy try recording a demo in our server and see if you get similar issues? Metro is free on Steam for 24 hours. It will remain in first person until you change it. Remember to recapture your player every time they die. No rotation - Overview 5. Posted By ApexLock 7 replies Yesterday, You should be on the subject that you selected prior to recording.

Make sure to follow the template that is there to save time. Attempted one yesterday on our server and it crashed on about 3min morecould be update corrupting files Edited June 17, by Small 1st MRB. Staff Sergeant Type of issue: I'll post anything else I might be able to figure out here, like ways to record demo but not have it crash at the very least, but for sourve Make skurce your console is enabled.

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