Analytic workspace manager

With OLAP Catalog metadata defined for your data source, you can choose from these methods for creating an analytic workspace:. Always create an analytic workspace in a separate schema from the relational tables. Check the available downloads at. Right-click Measures , then choose Create Measure from the pop-up menu.

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Analytic Workspace Manager is the primary tool for creating, developing, and managing analytic workspaces. Worospace is often a result of the nature of your business. Analytic Workspace Manager has a full online Help system, which includes context-sensitive Help.

6 Creating an Analytic Workspace

Analytic Workspace Manager is distributed with Oracle Database. You should create undo, permanent, and temporary tablespaces that are appropriate for use by dimensional objects. These views workpace sometimes called embedded total views because dimension members at all levels are listed in a single column.

However, because the default plans specify that all levels must be calculated during the user's session, their use typically causes unacceptably slow performance.

Using the tools available through the Object View, you can modify a workspace made by the Create Analytic Workspace wizard. Create views that perform the necessary transformations. There are no level columns. Afterward, you can load data into your analytic workspace using the Maintenance Wizard.

New installation of Analytic Workspace Manager If you want to see the values in a particular source table or view, right-click it in either the schema tree or the mapping canvas. Table of Contents 1 - About.

To create dimensional objects in the user's own schema: Fact tables contain foreign keys from each dimension table and a column for each measure. On Linux, open Analytic Workspace Manager from the shell command line: This case study implements this choice. Complete the Create Analytic Workspace dialog box, then choose Create. Take these steps to redefine the variables: Although Global is used for most of the examples in this manual, Sales History has a very different set of data characteristics and demonstrates a correspondingly different set of build choices.

For each dimension, open the Mappings window. The cube name prefix is optional, but may be useful when an analytic workspace contains multiple cubes.

Complete the Add Database to Tree dialog box. Because these variables managre dense, mwnager them with a composite would actually slow performance. If you are new to OLAP-type analysis, you may want to start by creating an analytic workspace with the default settings, and find out from using it whether its performance characteristics are acceptable.

The information required to create a dimension within an analytic workspace is very similar to that for the SQL dimension created earlier.

Oracle OLAP - Methodology for Defining the Analytic Workspace

A star schema is the simplest of the three types. Oracle OLAP offers an extensive range workspqce functions and operators that can be used to define custom measures. One way to correct this problem is to add the columns to the Times table, using SQL statements like the following:. You can augment the metadata by creating and deploying an aggregation plan on a workspace cube.

Analytic Workspace Manager for Oracle OLAP B

The Maintenance Wizard loads all rows from a mapped column into the analytic workspace. Hierarchies and cubes are strictly metadata objects and are not mapped to data sources.

Your goal in using Analytic Workspace Manager is to create a multidimensional data store that supports business analysis.

The measures are defined but do not have data. Analyic the top Databases folder in the navigation tree, then choose Add Database to Tree from the shortcut menu.

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