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I originally knew both series in the standard definition format, but revisiting them in HD has made me appreciate them even more. Instead the top-notch delineation adds to an already detailed picture. Explosions, careening metal, gunfire, and sudden shouts have distinct presence and weight, relying on pinpoint directionality and silky smooth pans to enhance the already authentic and immersive soundfield. I wish Warner had remained as faithful as possible to the presentation, but the relatively minimal DNR in question fails to ruin the otherwise exceptional transfer.

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The tag must be relevant to the content you're sharing. Even though Warner Brothers has habitually settled for tossing standard Dolby Digital tracks onto their releases, their bznd here are commendable and worth serious praise. Like any well-made documentary, it serves a single purpose - to effectively tell the story of what happened to soldiers after returning home from war.

The rigid texture of their uniforms pop off the screen. Final Thoughts As if these series weren't of must-own quality before, now they really are. And solidifying the accuracy of these series are several of the survivors themselves.

If you're expecting the brotherhood of 'Band of Brothers' in 'The Pacific,' prepare for let-down. Honestly, I probably would not have noticed the minor loss in detail had I not been doing a side-by-side comparison between the domestic Blu-ray edition and its previously-released HD DVD import counterpart.

When director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks commit to producing a miniseries, they go all out. Hotel Transylvania 3 [Blu-ray]. The dark, red blood is everywhere, covering almost everything.

All posts, links or self-posts, need to have tags prefixed to the titles. The camaraderie and brotherly bonds from 'Band of Brothers' are missing in 'The Pacific' - not due to the writing of the series, but due to reality.

The amazing detail during the daytime is somewhat obscured at night. But both 'Band of Brothers' and 'The Pacific' are based on actual brotherss and the factual events that they went through. The low-end frequency is almost non-stop as bombs, mortars and grenades explode constantly. I do have a few slight nitpicks with the transfer though. I've actually never seen this series but always wanted to, especially after watching The Pacific. Each series receives a full spread for it's title, with the page in the middle featuring the gift set exclusive documentary disc.

Band of Brothers Season 1

Even though Warner Brothers has habitually settled for tossing standard Dolby Digital tracks onto their releases, their efforts here are commendable and worth serious praise. For the most part, 'The Pacific' on Blu-ray shines as an intricately detailed visual account vrothers what our Marines went through during the war against Japan.

A bright fireball explodes, and it looks perfectly real and believable. As if these series weren't of must-own quality before, now 10880p really are.

Band of Brothers Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

While an unnecessary but light application of Digital Noise Reduction leaves skin and clothing textures looking a bit dull at times, distant soldiers, flying debris, and plumes of smoke still look fantastic. All 12 series discs are dual layer BDs, but the exclusive disc is only a BD Inside the box is a single black book the size of a small coffee table book.

Here, the rear speakers are constantly working to produce a soundfield so lifelike you'll feel like bombs are being dropped right on your couch.

The actors that play each character are given time to explain their character's motivations. Each of the segments can be played separately or you can use the Play All feature. The iconic image of a soldier kissing a girl in Time Square is void of meaning after watching this documentary. A ribbon is glued into a slip at the bottom center of the box, meant to wrap all the way around brotehrs the top of the book to make it easier to extract - much like batteries in a discman if you remember those things.

Shadow delineation, during the day, creates stark clearly defined shadows that never seem to engulf or obscure features. Overall, this is more of an overview of the series with scenes from the episodes interspersed with promotional interviews.

Likewise, the actors craft fairly modern, easily relatable characters, but it never feels false or disingenuous. Since the series discs are the same as those previously reviewed, some excerpts from both the ' Band of Brothers ' and ' The Pacific ' Blu-ray reviews have been republished here.

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