1000 true fans kevin kelly

But I would guess I have several hundred average fans. I simply followed my heart. In earnest, since , when I stopped teaching for others and became independent. I blogged about it here:

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He built himself a home studio!

1,000 True Fans – Still Relevant?

If they work for you, fine, but remember, in most cases they would be even worse at this than you would. Maybe I can not speak English at least express myself more. Moving towards developing financial relationships with is certainly not a difficult task, but a observable goal; thanks for the clarity.

The Internet saves starving artists and keeps them off the street at the same time! You can stick out like a sore thumb — or stand out like a beacon. Fundable is a good tip. Take heart fellow artists and see the proof of true fans in action at your local coffee shop, pizza parlor or post office. As a commercial photographer specializing in food I am luckier that a lot of artists.

I can foresee a point where everybody with access to a computer believes they should be nurturing some outlet, and thus expect their desire to result in financial gains too.

Produce quality stuff that I can be proud of. If you can provide something for a global audience, then that 1, becomes a very small percentage. This is a great post.

And the business plan must be flexible enough to change with trends, and keep evolving as your business grows. I simply followed my heart. Look at the centuries of religious art produced while the church was the primary patron of artists.

To make it even more incentivising, this target should be based on profit. As the music industry landscape shifts, the ability to make a living has become the new benchmark for success in the music business.

1, True Fans - Still Relevant?

But everybody dreams big. As a publisher I work with many authors. Each successful bidder receives an enhanced value copy at the price point before the recording becomes available to anyone else — they have a short period of time to recover their bid investment by reselling copies of their copy.

Make your art a luxury good. I should point out that getting three or five thousand good fans fas extremely difficult without financial backing loans from somewhere — like a bank or a record company. Most people think creating viral videos and attracting a Trhe audience online requires an insane level of creativity and innovation.

true fans by Kevin Kelly

You would no doubt love the TED presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity and genius found here: First time reading your stuff, you can be sure that I will return.

One or few thousand True Fans as customers is a dream come true. Maybe I have 1, true fans but not in any single one of these jobs I perform.

There were phases where I only came home once in five days! You have many comments — both good and not so good.

1000 true fans

A well designed mechanism to allow connections between creators and patrons online needs to scale well across fans categories. Some people claim that Michael Jackson sold more records following is death but in reality that shows the love and strength of fans. I may only have true fans.

For an artist, art is that thing which simply must be done. So how many people do I need to buy how many books to make a living? The gist of 1, True Fans can be stated simply:. Thanks again for your post!

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