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Not just the license cost, but also the cost of a ClearCase guru's salary. You should always ask yourself when you introduce a new system that swallows important business data, whether it is code, bugs, customer data or what not: During that process, code lies not compilable, because several files successfully got checked in and others do not. It don't even have cleartool before version 7.

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If you don't use labels than what Matt describes will happen often.

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Snapshot views can be used while disconnected from the network and later synchronized with the VOB when a connection is reestablished. Dynamic views are terrible unless cwse are in a very small team. Under base ClearCase, each view is controlled by its associated configuration specificationcommonly referred to as a config spec.

My experience with ClearCase was a disaster, and I will second Don's statement that it requires a resident expert-- unfortunately we had more than one. Provides lifecycle management and control of software development assets across geographically distributed environments.

How to add design to ClearCase? I have absolutely nothing nice to say about CC. I'm not really here to persuade you that one is better than the other, except by way of making a few points: Combine that with a very verbose protocol and a network with potentially several nodes between the developer workstation and the VOB server, and you can end up with a fairly slow and inefficient file server which ClearCase is at its core.

IBM Rational ClearCase - Overview - United States

It's like living in a house infested with ants. I love being able to roll back until I can't see the bug.

Both can be configured to support a wide variety of needs. I think this is a crucial feature, because you hardly want revert single files but complete commit actions which should map tasks.

Even vase a snapshot view on my laptop I have to play tricks because I can't get a license. Last time I used it, it needed a fearsome amount of hardware. If you use a VCS with changesets i. Which is quite insane that nobody can just check out some branch; they need the appropriate view spec which will incidentally give them the right stuff. An absolute nightmare of a system. Also, if you are EVER having developers make commits directly to a "main" branch, then no VCS will help the fact that you don't have a development process clera makes any sense.

ClearCase is best used for large project, but if caase want to use dynamic views, you need to setup up " task branches in order to isolate a small development effort per branch: Bottom line, use it cse if you really need it for what you are doing and make sure you have a beefy IT budget to maintain it.

What happens when you are pushing something to source control and CC does what it does best, crash?

IBM Rational ClearCase

Originally, ClearCase supported only full "fat" clients running native on Unix and Windows. Anyway, I believe that even for these domains there are appropriate and still more friendly tools. Another is the instant access to source code and changed files, no time is ever spent downloading anything.

Multisite is expensive too. Dynamic views are just not work.

Rational ClearCase

AlbertoPL I agree with you if everyone is trying to do everything on the same branch: The repository model is simple to understand, and incredibly powerful. Repeated subsequent builds may run faster, due to build avoidance that is enabled by ClearCase's make substitute. Downsides of ClearCase - an addition to the most in-depth post here.

Around this layer, a set of interfaces with accompanying tools are used to manage the physical database system, which requires specific Database administrator skills.

Maybe you can learn from my story. It supports branching, labeling, and versioning of directories.

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