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This game includes a 24 hour gameplay and the game goes on even if you're not there. I remember searching high and low and couldn't find anything remotely close to Animal Crossing. K I haven't played the game your talking about, but from what I heard, Cabela's African Safari might be kinda the same. Run errands for the townsfolk and they will reward you. Theres monster Hunter Freedom 2.

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They have made a Harvest Moon ps; set in the future. If you have other save data, make sure the town has a different fruit on the trees from you.

Are there any games like Animal Crossing for the PSP?

If you're looking for a alot of cool armor and extreme difficulties, then get monster hunter, but as of yet, i know of no AC-ish games one the PSP. Have you ever been by yourself and wish you had someone to naimal with? Is the main point of Resident Evil 2 to choose between the brother and the sister? Is there any way I would be able to play the original animal crossing on my PSP pspp

It's an interesting amimal for people that enjoy games like harvest moon or other life sims, but doesn't offer much for gamers looking for story or action-driven gameplay. Are any of the animal crossing games on PSP? Make money, pay loans, make friendships, and loads more! Want to add to the discussion? So you what you see?

Animal Crossing on PSP? : PSP

Keep your town clean and more people will move into your town. How to connect your PSP to Wifi. For the best answers, search on this site https: If you have the dough, get a 3DS. Animal Crossing on PSP? Bring back the main forum list. Hello Im looking to understand how does a online order interaction with the merchant using computer and technical terms. Freedom Being able to earn money Being able to buy stuff And maybe some online play.

Animal Crossing sorts that out for you! I disagree with Monster Hunter for a game like Animal Crossing. BurningChimaera Follow Forum Posts: Download Animal Crossing 1.

It is very addicting. I remember searching high and low and couldn't find anything remotely close to Animal Crossing. You can go fishing, catch insects or dig up fossils to sell or donate to the museum.

Any other fruit that doesn't grow to start in your town is worth more money. Uploaded by Brendoge Report. Games you may like: Animal crossing is a sort of strange tamogachi-esque game where you interact with other anthromorphic animals in a fantasy setting where you go about your everyday life, play mini games, and generally just relax.

This game is an absolute blast. Animal Crossing is a great game. Hi, my name is Emor. You can also visit other towns, if you have other save data on another memory card. Read all 7 reviews for Animal Crossing.

But how acceptable would the performance be?

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