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The control point editor lets you manually correct the links and control points in order to obtain an optimum placement of your images. The contextual menu opens when a right click is applied on an image, to access the following options:. Resets the previous state of the histogram. Retrieved from " http: The correction anchors are used for seamless image stitching colour, exposure, contrast, etc.

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Active for panoramas coming from a Gigapan head. Autopano Giga - Supported file format in input. Defines the ratio width. Documentation index Back to Kolor site Support forums Recent changes.

This tool lets you decide whether to display or not to display the images in the control point editing area.

Interface, preferences and new features in Autopano 4.4

Geometric analysis Gifa you set the control point Add tool based on geometric analysis. By default it is set at an average exposure target. In other words, it defines another point of view that the point of view of origin, which has a dual effect:.

The links can be deleted with the use of the delete key. Privacy policy About Autopano Disclaimers Log in. Remove links over this error RMS: Retrieved from " fulk This window lets you set or re-set the rendering options for the exporting of the panorama, according to your needs. The cursor turns into a hand. Documentation index Back to Kolor site Support forums Recent changes. It is equivalent to a rendering done after a cropping and a computing of the rendering size.

Only the blue lines appear with the rectilinear projection. This tool regoups the global color correction and color corrections of individual images functions. Retrieved from " http: Very slow, reserved for desperate cases ….

Autopano Giga - Panorama Editor - Control Points Editor - Autopano

The sliders let you adjust the dark tones black and the light tones white. If you are you gull a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now.

The result may be disappointing if the panorama contains a lot of images or bad links. This is the same augopano optimizer as in step 2 that is retrieved if it has not already been or retrieved again to account for deletions of step 3. In fact, in certain cases, the color correction is not needed.

Kolor | Panorama software: Autopano Pro / Giga

Optimize on any anchor change By default, this option is enabled to view the results after each change. Click on this icon to activate this tool.

When you select an image, the editor displays them as superimposed and the red lines show you all the related images. Depending on most of the aspects color, rendering mode Cancel Click this button to ignore the changes and return to the previous state.

Slide the bar until you reach the most important desired value to the goga for dark exposure, to the right for bright exposure. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here. To resize the frame, use the small squares around the frame. Using the Horizontal line will straighten a tilted skyline.

Apply Click on this button to confirm the modifications or push the Enter button.

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