Arabic typing test

FasType can help you to: Real and solid skill of Touch-Typing which we teach, is strikingly different. If you want to take up the course in our school you will have to forget OUCH!

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Let this program teach you how to use all your keys, and do it quickly. In process of the play there aren't irritating popup messages about wrong pressed key.

It aims to keep you motivated for learning with strategy and adventure gameplay - and an exiting story. KTouch supports various keyboard layouts and you can easily add own keyboard layouts A number of training lectures are included by default english, german, french Already know how to type?

Extreme Typing mode is an effective means of working teet your typing speed.

Flexible settings for each user. Is designed for young typists grades Pre-K to 3rdand teaches proper typing technique for the letter keys. Jokes are light-hearted, but may not be suitable for all ages. Backspace support Right to left text support.

Don't wait to get started: Two typing-based games for constructive fun and relaxation. The following functional features are available in Professional Edition:.

The HTML log is generated at the start of each session and actualized every second. For advanced typists, the Open Typing and Timed Exercises will challenge your word-processing skills.

ALL the touch-typing tutors! Freeware, shareware, online, direct links to download

Typing Test mode gives a possibility of statistical evaluation of your typing according to 20! This exciting typing tutor is filled with original games, lessons, and practices. All of the system keyboard layouts but not input methods! Ideal for both adults and children! Typing Speed Test Our online typing speed test can help you to improve your typing performance. Improve your typing skills with this free typing tutor rest typing game! The benefits are obvious!

The trial version contains only the first six typnig.

Online Typing Test

Section length can run from 1 to 30 minutes and a log file of important "grade" statistics such as CPM characters per minute and accuracy is generated. With hint windows for the various keyboard functions!

For your arabi happiness and unlike the majority of solutions of this type, this application targets arabic and non-arabic native speaking, the application interface is available in Arabic, English and French. It is also possible to create personalized drills, setting the difficulty by changing the waiting time for each stroke, hiding keyboard characters, and so on.

Completely free with full source code availability.

Touch Typing Online Lessons

If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Fast Eddie's Typing Speedometer is a simple program to test your typing speed, yet what tdst type is drawn from a rich collection of jokes, one-liners, and puns! Advanced typists can improve speed by customizing the Letter Chase drill with a specific words-per-minute goal. With Arabic Typing Tutor, You have by default, a set of practical lessons that increases in difficulty throughout your progess.

Elite Typing is suitable for both adults and children. You can generate text fragments to type from Project Gutenberg or any other plain text source to practice typing with your favorite novel. Data entry - Alphanumeric test is in the form of a typical invoice. You are seeing this message for one of the following reasons: It uses color codes, and audible directions to speed the learning process.

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