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That said, once it's all set up, GO Launcher Z gives you a smooth ride through your device's home screem. Dozens of additional themes can be downloaded and managed from the GO Themes app. Can't lock up phone! These range from prompts to purchase themes to advertisements for widgets.

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There are more than 10, launchdr themes to choose from in Go Launcher Z, as well as lots of transition effects you can apply to get your home screen looking super slick. We didn't notice any difference in speed when using the more advanced transitions, and you can manually adjust the transition speed in the launcher's menu.

GO Launcher Z for Android - Download

The most egregious problem is the popup ads that occasionally appear while using the free version of GO Launcher EX. What does Go Launcher Z do?

However, you'll be disappointed if you're looking to laundher GO Launcher EX on your tablet, or enjoy all of its features without shelling out extra cash. Review One of the most feature-rich Android launchers on the market, GO Launcher EX boasts a huge number of customizable options, a plethora of unique widgets and wonderful special effects. User reviews about GO Launcher Z.

Gmail, for instance, opened in an average of 1. Many of the time-saving features of Toucher, such as the button to open the recent apps menu, duplicate features that have already been baked into Jelly Bean. These range from prompts to purchase themes to advertisements for widgets.

GO Launcher EX for Android - Free Download

No doubt of its feature,however thi Pressing in the center opens a settings menu, where you can change the Toucher theme, open the recent apps menu and adjust your preferences. Infinite scrolling can be enabled to allow you to cycle through your homescreens and app drawer pages without needing to change direction when you hit the last page; from the GO Launcher EX settings menu you can also adjust the speed of screen transitions and choose a screen orientation.

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These widgets do not do anything except link to the Google Play store so you can download them. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is ggo violation of these laws.

GO Launcher EX

Unlike launchers like Nova and Apex, which offer myriad additional features with the paid version of the app, GO Launcher EX provides most of its features for free.

I don't have time to set my device up over and over again, so unless you can provide me a link to EX, I'm done with GO Launcher. Icons appear tiny in the app drawer, and although you can increase their size, they look distinctly fuzzy compared to the razor-sharp icons in Jelly Bean. Has rendered my phone unusable! Galaxy S5 running KitKat, Android 4. From here, however, the launcher lets you customize the desktop to your heart's content, giving you the option to increase the desktop grid size to a maximum of 10 rows and columns, or disable the status bar, dock and icon labels.

GO Launcher Z A launcher with a lot of included downloads.

Email Firstname Name Comment. You can also adjust the font and size of icons.

GO Launcher EX Review

Free Download Safe download. Indeed, the launcher embodies the open-source spirit of Android, with a large array of customizable options, themes, and unique widgets and plugins. Font Installer Free app — change the fonts on a phone or tablet. After having to do a a factory reset after upgrading to Z f In addition, some of the widgets don't offer their full features unless you shell out some dough.

Draw an L-shape on the desktop with your finger, for instance, and Gmail will automatically open. It's just a shame that the free version of the launcher is plagued by popup lanucher, and that so many extra features require you to pay for them. GO Launcher EX allows you to sort your apps by title, date of installation or frequency of use; create folders for apps; and hide unwanted apps.

There's a trade-off though -- when using the free version of the launcher, you'll have to suffer through advertisements and won't have access to the full features of all of the widgets. Long-pressing apps and widgets brings up a popup menu that lets you replace, rename, delete or in the case of widgets resize them.

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