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Whether you like it or not, you know this song. As faven follow the group's collective path through their discography, they will note that each successive album becomes more and more polished and that rock and roll stylings take a back seat to blues-inspired riffs and jazz-based chords that are donalc interwoven with clever lyrics to create unique and captivating musical experiences. Fagen, along with musician Walter Beckerled the rock band Steely Dan during the s.

I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)

What a beautiful world this will be What a glorious time to be free Great song, though. General Comment I've totally enjoyed reading the comments. He was hugely nostalgic about IGY, had us study life science related papers from the period, and claimed it was time for another IGY. Many Dan songs remind me of characters I've met, some uncomfortably so. Music can, to some extent, be judged on its technical merits, the quality of its sound.

Everything will be ,in 50's venacular, "A-OK" there'll even be jackets made of the modern miracle fabric, spandex, for everyone. The release Gaucho marked Steely Dan's last studio album for the next two decades, at leastand someone searching a database only for "Steely Dan" would miss one of the greatest entries in Fagen's entire career.

We'll be clean when their work is done, We'll be totally free, yes, and totally young Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

There was incredible optimism and idealism in America in the late fifties and than at the beginning of the Kennedy Administration, Camelot. The Wikipedia entry for I.

International Geophysical Year lyrics. The prosperity and relative peace of the era lent to a society truly THAT optimistic with several advancements that made everyday life far 'easier. What a Beautiful World " Retrieved March 28, I like the casino. Also the 'spandex jackets' although not introduced untilit was invented in refers to futuristic self-washing or stain-resistant clothing often described in Science Fiction.

What a glorious time to be free.

Solar powered cities and geoengineerd weather. Australian Chart Book — Instead of Space Age optimism this song oozes with cynicism for futures that never came to pass. Though the words are interesting and thought-provoking, the dobald strength of "I.

Of course, there IS tons of irony A Goddamn Space Casino. Like a middle-aged man revisiting the "Futurama" he saw at a world's fair in his youth, Fagen's "I.

I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World) - Wikipedia

Although the song seems topical, to me it's actually personal, like most of his fagfn. On that train all graphite and glitter Undersea by rail Ninety minutes from New York to Paris More leisure time for artists everywhere. In this case, I think he really is discussing the subject matter with the album's notes in mind.

Despite my bias and the opinions of a bunch of people who are wrong on the internet, I maintain that this faen stands alone as the best sci-fi song ever, standing above others in several respects. He is a quirky genius dude and one I'd love to sit next to at my Ultimate dinner party.

Once again, sarcastically saying machines will do everything for us and the guys that program them are only interested in pure, good things, even making us all free and young!

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Third verse lyrics missing from the lyrics above On that train all graphite and glitter Undersea by rail Ninety minutes from New York to Donxld Well by seventy-six we'll be A. It reached the top 40 on October 30 and eventually peaked at number 26 on November 27,

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