Black ops xbox 360 hack

On top of the ladder inside of the first hanger just after you repel down from the mountain to the airfield. Think it leads to the hanging there is another one somewhere in that level. Down the steps to the left on the desk as you enter the barracks. It will show a old video of JFK.

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You have to get it before following Woods.

When you go behind the "wall" there should be a flower bed. Both of you will stand behind it but don't open the door!

In the building on a table in the corner. August 11, - 1 year 2 months ago. Every teleporter will take you to Presidential Suite. Believe it or not this is actully a perk for zombies and if you're somebody who only haves Kino der toten and "FIVE" and you wanna spice things up, well then follow my step by xxbox guide.

Survive up to the hellhound round and go to the dressing room last door going on the upstairs way crouch by the door that goes to the power box room. Select restart level and then keep doing it until the mystery box is in one of the first rooms. I'm not sure if you guys knows this but me and some friends figured this out.

This is the perfect sniping spot or camping. While it's loading the game, have the last player sign in must sign-in during the little clip. In the office room at the end of the mission before you fight Dragovich, under the left desk with the phone. Final is the thunder gun [] in box witch is anywhere reason: In the far left corder of the control room for the rocket - after you blow a hole in the wall.

Black Ops Cheats & Codes for Xbox (X) -

Once you hold X A to all 3, the song will play. It is lying against the wall near the west corner of the hut, right before you knife the guy in the back and just after knifing someone else in their sleep after climbing through a window with Woods.

However, it is easier to get it before entering since there is not any resistance. Have Richtofen keep pressing X at the computer keyboard until the voice-over ends and the color of the computer screen turns and stays green. You then can type in "help" using the keyboard in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Custom Class 8 Prestige 7: It will appear that you use ammo, but it will go back to your previous ammo after you reload.

You should hear music and the screen will shake and shortly the Thundergun will come out of the wall. Go down and stay in the elevator til level 16 and stay in 1 room in a group for until level19 and go back to the big map room and the wall near the map will open with a red icon.

Double Trouble 10 points Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.

Xbox 360 Cheats

Hit the action button here and you'll put the tape in the deck. When you are there, their will be a ski box thing dangling over the cliff.

There is a red bowl on the steps to the bunker. Much like the Ray Gun in the previous game, the Thundergun can be unlocked in Black Ops by performing the following specific actions on the level "Numbers. If you shoot him, the containment unit will close, making it impossible to grab the Intel located inside of lback.

How To Mod Black Ops 1! - The Tech Game

A safer place 10 points Sabotage the Soviet space program. Hold breath longer Scout Pro: Custom Class 9 Prestige 9: Take the glowing Vrill Generator and return to the pyramid.

The second is near the lunar lander next to the speed cola machine on a high ledge. Jump on top of them and they shouldn't see you until they get to the big door of the garage.

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