Charlie the unicorn

The animated adventure centers on a group of unicorns venturing to Candy Mountain — "the land of sweets and joy, and joyness" — through the guide of a liopleurodon. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The character will be non-human but recognizable to the best of my skills.

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Hey Jason love your work, my favorite being the ghost house series. Nick has a day job as well, and recently moved out of state! I was just wondering, why did Llamas With Hats end the way it did?

Do you have a set routine you like to go through when creating videos? Koen, Joost, Jasper, Robin. Are there any chances they can distribute it in the future? So I made "Charlie the Unicorn.

Mine is day 34 in the ghost house. Thanks for providing so much inspiration to your fellow creatives over the years, man. Did you ever think that Charlie was going to be as big of a deal as he wound up becoming?

What a world that would be. It might be a unicorn, it might be a goat with an umbrella, who knows!

Charlie the Unicorn

I can only fharlie that for a half hour or so before my throat starts trying to crawl out of my body and escape.

So thanks I guess. You know what I think? Keep up the good work man. I really want to be the very best but I don't think I am.

Email us at mods askmeanythi. That's probably why people didn't like the series, hah.

Your name immortalized for all of time in prominent placement on the Charlie the Unicorn finale credits. Most recently I launched a Kickstarter to fund a 30 minute "Charlie the Unicorn" finale: I alternate between "this feels good because I am good at what I do" and "this feels bad because I'm a terrible artist and a fraud" pretty much every hour. Also, I want a behind the scenes documentary like the one Robert Benfer made a few years back.


And then he and Jen just had a baby! You guys are going a little far this time huh? I don't know if that's the real reason they passed on it, but that's what they said. How much money have you spent on Eagle statues? Following its posting on Newgrounds inGeoff Swanson of YouTube posted a copy of the video on the website inwhere it rapidly gained popularity.

Also, drawing butts on everything can help. Thank you for answering me!

Charlie the Unicorn - Wikipedia

He is knocked out and wakes up to find that the other two took his kidney. The blue and pink unicorns. I've been a big fan of FilmCow for a charlei now The Cloak is still one of my favorite videos and I love all of your work. And unicorns puke rainbows. This is going to be a high quality coin worthy of a Duke or Duchess. I'm sad thinking about it now.

Did you see the Grumpy Cat movie?

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