Cognos sample database

In the Query window, under Part 2 , select all lines of code that appear after the comments. This indicates that only one of the these event instances still requires follow-up and the other instances are resolved. What format is the sample schema provided as? The Event Studio user informs you when the agent has completed running.

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To temporarily disable the swmple, select the Disable the schedule check box. Under Signonselect the Password check box and then select the Create a signon that the Everyone group can use check box. For each database, create at least one user who has select permissions for all the tables in the restored databases.

After the data loads successfully, right-click the database and select Execute Calculation. Setup for the GO Data Warehouse packages specifies a single connection object and user signon.

There is a compressed file with the Cognos BI samples. Have sufficient disk space available in the target location.

How to find/install the Samples (11.0.4)

Restore the samples databases. For more information, see Create a Metric Package. The Event Studio user runs the sample agent against the changed data. Before you create the data source connections, you must restore the backup files for databaxe samples databases.

This action re-creates multilingual versions of the Great Outdoors databases.

First Guide to Dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics (V11)

Before you can use the sample databases, IBM Cognos 8 must be installed, configured, and running. Run the following sql commands: You simulate the occurrence of some databasf events and then ask the Event Studio user to run the sample agent a second time.

Give the restored databases the same names as the backup or export file names. In the Server Name box, type the name of the server where the restored databases are located. In the DB2 connect string box, type the DB2 connection string. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. In the Read cache size MB box, type the cache size of the cube in megabytes.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. My ultimate goal is to: What format is the sample schema provided as?

It also has the query items required by the Event Studio samples. You must create data source connections to the samples databases that you restored. After you finish using the sample reports to learn about IBM Cognos 8, including Framework Manager, you can delete the packages on which the samples are based. To create a package, check Create a Package and then click OK. For SQL backup files, restore the database from a device, and ensure that the restore locations are correct for the.

Review the run time and click OK. This script will ask you the connection parameters of your Oracle database and create the schemas with sample data. The DB2 database name that you type must use uppercase letters.

Import the Cognos 10 Trial GOSALES schema (with data) into Oracle Database - Stack Overflow

The names are case-sensitive. If you define a UNIX path and you plan to use Framework Manager, you must dample define the Windows path and ensure that the cube is also available in the Windows location.

In the Specify the general options page, select whether to include access permissions and references to external namespaces, and who should own the entries after they are imported. Under Signonsselect the both Password and Create a signon that the Everyone group can use check boxes, type the user ID and password for the user that cognps created when you restored the databases, and then click Finish.

Sampoe the Configuration tab, click Content Administration.

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