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Author of the anonymously published "Primary Colors. Aug 7, by PBS. Director of the Hermitage Museum. A Discussion about the Future of E-Commerce.

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On Boris Yeltsin following his decision to fire Gen.

Oct 25, by PBS. Oct 30, by PBS. The author of "The Last Don.

Aug 6, by PBS. Martin on stealth bombers aim to attack Iraq military bases. Director of "Escape from L. On the 96 presidential campaign.

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Hootie on "Fairweather Johnson. Oct 21, by PBS. On the perceived rise in terrorism in the U.

Advisor to Bob Dole on the Dole campaign. Jul 30, by PBS.

Charlie Rose

The Foreign Minister on the future of Yugoslavia. Aug 30, by PBS. Egyptian foreign minister on the Middle East peace process.

Jul 19, by PBS. Oct 1, by PBS. A History of New York City from to The author of "Herb Ritts: The Charlie Rose Brain Series explores one of sciences final frontiers, the study of the human brain.

On Israel's decision to open an archaeological tunnel in Jerusalem. Aug 26, by PBS. Kurt Andersen, author of "Fantasyland: Charlie Rose, Thomas Friedman.

Oct 22, by PBS. Charlie Rose, Republican National Convention ' Cartoonist Chris Ware introduces his latest book, "Monograph.

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Sep 5, by PBS. Artist Art Spiegelman on his comic series, "Maus. EFF chair Esther Dyson. Mayor Giuliani with rosr information known about the TWA Flight crash; a full consideration of the crash.

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Nancy Koehn on her book about courage and leadership, "Forged in Crisis. On potential federal level reform of schools across America. Chwrlie former Atlanta mayor on his memoir, "An Easy Burden.

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