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Bookman Bookman or Bookman Old Style is another perfect headline option that maintains legibility or readability even when used in a small size. While not all of them are winners Comic Sans MS? BonvenoCF A classy and fresh sans serif great for all applications in a layout. This is a really wonderful post. Thank you for your input!

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This minimalist sans serif typeface comes in five weights and has an overall thin and condensed structure. Natasha Willett April 23, at PT Sans is based on Russian sans serif types of the second part of the 20th century.

With a couple of exceptions, your list took me down memory lane to another century when I learned to put the lead in leading, then moved on to IBM Selectric, then to Compugraphic and Verityper phototypesetting, then to the the earliest Apples, and then to 15 years with InDesign.

Donts is also bsst number one font we choose whenever we want to add more character to the site design while maintaining a clear, readable style. Josefin Bext was drawn with vintage Swedish design in mind, and has a geometric, elegant aesthetic.

Beautiful Internet: 10 of the Best Fonts for the Web

Hi, I am not trying to build a web page, or write any documents. Glad you found our article helpful. Originally used in news headlines and posters, this font also works well for the web.

After reading your message, I thought, what goes around comes around. Now pull up a website. Kan Kin is a bold sans serif font with elegant arc and terminal elements that make it a unique typeface, perfectly suitable for headlines. We have noticed that Open Sans has become one of the most used fonts on the web. One of the most valued characteristics of GWF is the option to download a desktop version of the fonts for use in the project design phase.

Designed by Steve Matteson, type director at Ascender Corp, this humanist sans serif boasts great legibility even at small sizes, and has been optimized for both web and mobile interfaces. You may email us as well.

What could fonhs wrong, right? Another Font Fabric typeface that has made it to our list.

If you want to make a statement or want to appear robust, this is the type of font you should use. Web-safe fonts give you a Plan B.

This specifically targets the content area of your website such as paragraphs of description, blog posts, etc. Not if you create a fallback with a web safe alternative!

How to Pick the Perfect Font Style Design for your Website

Let us email you a new password. Want to ask a question or leave a comment? Originally released it in as Proxima Sans now discontinuedit expanded into a wsb and versatile family of 48 fonts eight weights in three widths with italics. Daniel Johnson wanted to create a Roman alphabet using the same kinds of strokes and curves as the Kayah Li glyphs.

Top 5 UI fonts for website & mobile apps – Muzli - Design Inspiration

In particular, there are 10 web fonts that we use quite frequently in our web projects. But before you start randomly assigning sizes to your headlines and subtitles, I want to introduce you to modular scaled font sizes.


This will look great for your longer content on the web as it features sturdy construction, prominent serifs, low-contrast modulation and long elegant ascenders and descenders relative to the 'x' height. The problem is that every system differs a bit. Georgia is similar to Verdana in size and stature with bigger-than-usual letters compared with fonts of the same size.

It follows on with the same friendly and playful flavor, with many of the letterforms influenced by handwriting. Definitely a good point to consider for Verdana!

Merriweather is always evolving, and you can request features and stay up to date by checking creator Eben Sorkin's blog. Its letters have a more-rounded shape but it will add a lot of character and legibility to your website. Impact is another bold headline choice that looks great in a few short words, and absolutely terrible in a sentence or longer.

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