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The app boasts a 20MB install size which is fairly reasonable considering that it covers 90, common words. On the first boot, it will prompt you to download all the necessary offline files, so you can take advantage of it without connecting to the internet. May 2, at Tailored to professionals, students, and academics, as well as anyone who needs a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of current English at work or at home. Thankfully that feature can be disabled.

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Uploaded June 14, at 7: English to English Dictionary 1. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a very above average and poorly named dictionary app.

English to English Dictionary

HTC Camera 2 9. My Talking Tom 5. Overall, it's a fairly solid app.

Download French English Dictionary for Android. It's a good option for those looking for something a little more simple. You'll also get a search which includes translationsaudio pronunciations, example sentences, and more. Find Definitions for English Words 7. Popular In Last 24 Hours. It boasts over 1.

Top 12 Dictionary Apps to Use Offline [iOS/Android]

Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience the dictionary combines several search tools to match or suggest what you are looking for, including: However, it is more than good enough for looking up a word really quickly. Most parts of the app are also available offline. Google Play Store English Dictionary is another one of the better free dictionary apps.

There is also a floating thesaurus mode that lets you see synonyms of words simply by selecting them. The app comes with all the features you would need like translation, offline access, and even games for improving your vocabulary.

After scouting through the many dictionary apps available on the app stores, in English as well as in foreign languages, we decided to put them all in one place for you. The Arcus offline Dictionary app is available for free on Google Play and suits all Android devices, be them phones or tablets.

All the words and its definitions and meanings can be searched offline. On the first boot, it will prompt you to download all the necessary offline files, so you can take advantage of it without connecting to the internet. Once englis are done, you can start taking advantage of the definitions, favorite features, sharing, hyperlinking and customization options.

There is a randomizer that lets you look up random words. January 12, at 8: Just drop it below, fill in any details you know, and we'll do the rest!

It's relatively simple and doesn't have common features like audio pronunciations. This dictionary dictlonary about the grammatical category, parts of speech, synonyms, hyponyms, antonyms, and hyponyms with real world examples. It can be used to look up words, though. May 2, at WordWeb Dictionary qpk one of the more popular free dictionary apps for Android. Check out these tangentially related articles!

Glase - mobile payments 5. Strong suggestion base search and spell checking algorithm is implemented, which make your search faster and accurate. Download Spanish English Dictionary for Android.

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