Hiv aids powerpoint presentation

It is the final stage of HIV. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Who can get hiv? The lower the number, the weaker they are. Cannot be survive in the air or in the outside environment Does not make you sick right away Becomes less infectious in dry or cold blood.

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They are then given information which motivates them to change their behavior. Unlike a cold or the flu, you will not see someone having a runny nose or coughing and they presdntation not look a certain way. Human Immunodeficiency Virus The illness is spread from one person to another Immunodeficiency The illness make people sick by making our bodies weak because it attacks the immune system.

There are three main ways someone can become infected with HIV: The lower the number, the weaker they are. If the topic comes up, check with the teacher as to whether or not to proceed in any way. The desired behaviors are then provided. Do you know the difference?.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Communicable Disease Is a disease that is spread presentatiion one living thing to another through the environment An organism ptesentation causes a. In this slide the presenter can simply ask for a show of hands to assess current knowledge levels of participants.

This makes it easier for us to catch colds and other sicknesses Virus A germ that makes people sick. The Aidz virus germs get into the blood Makes our bodies weak by attacking our immune system Makes it easier to catch a cold or other sicknesses. There are a few different ways to test the blood. Are you at risk? BUT, there is a medication that helps people control the HIV and keeps them from catching other sicknesses.

Participants are given information about the subject. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

PowerPoint Presentation - HIV/AIDS

This can be done in class or through a writing powetpoint question out and giving this to your teacher. Aics get into our bodies and make us sick Viruses need to be inside of our body to make us sick Many viruses do not survive powerpooint when outside of the body Can you name any sickness caused by a virus? Who can get hiv? The more HIV viruses that are formed in the body, the stronger the infection Once there is enough Viruses in the body, they begin in attack the immune system The part of the body that helps fight off diseases and other infections The more T-cells a person has, the stronger their body is at protecting itself.

This is broken down into skills, it could include demonstration-performance or role plays etc, and checking that they can demonstrate the desired behaviors.

HIV/AIDS Presentation - ppt video online download

Registration Forgot your password? Cannot be survive in the air or in the outside environment Does not make you sick right away Becomes less infectious powerponit dry or cold blood.

For the 3rd bullet ask for some responses iads participants. False If you find a dirty needle in a park you should pick it up? Blood gets into a wound you have Getting infected hif using dirty needles, tattooing, body piercing equipment Sharing razors, knives toothbrushes, other personal hygiene equipment Unprotected sex Infected mothers can pass HIV when breastfeeding The number one way to become infected is through blood some bodily fluids- list.

Ultimately, the medication helps put the virus to sleep.

At this age level the curriculum outcomes include abstinence and condom use, mentioned in a general way. HIV is hard to detect unless you get tested because the signs and symptoms are hard to define. Not all people have the same signs and the symptoms do not always occur at the same time. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

HIV/AIDS Presentation

Published by Miranda French Modified over 3 years ago. We want to provide a safe space for people living presebtation HIV and tell people how important it is for people to be accepting of this illness.

It is the final stage of HIV.

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