American mcgee presents bad day la

A bad day for L. The awful humor begins with the manual. Stay away, very far away. Unfortunately the humor is sadly juvenile up to the point of being tasteless and offensive.

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American McGee Presents Bad Day LA

These days, the stories, characters, and worlds represented in films and games are so similar that it would be silly not to. Each level revolves around a different calamity, and in each you have to perform a number of good deeds before you can move forward. We probably could have incorporated these elements into the game's social commentary. Also the jokes can suck and be really racist, but I like this game. Retrieved August 27, There's little redeeming about a title that originally held such promise.

I was very disappointed.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. It's hard not to smile at how ridiculous the situation presehts, but beyond presdnts setup, the writing in Bad Day LA offers little in terms of insight or humor. Archived from the original on January 10, Even the game's shock value rings hollow, and it doesn't distract from the fact that this third-person action game is short, ugly, and sloppy.

Even at point-blank range, the shotgun can require three pumps to lay out an enemy, the AK has terrible accuracy and chews through the relatively scarce ammunition, and the sniper rifle never produces one-shot kills.

There's little redeeming about a title that originally held such promise.

Bad Day L.A. Review - IGN

It arrives looking like the work of someone who understands neither why we play games to be entertained, not jerked around nor the culture he's trying to parody. Have you felt the need to adjust or change any of the satire to take into account recent events, or do you think that the mcyee is still as relevant today as it was when the game first started development?

Since the last time the game was shown to the press we've added a significant amount of gameplay features, such as chaos management and a greater number of ambient rescue missions. The only thing I ba we had done differently was make more of a statement regarding these things.

American McGee Presents Bad Day LA Review - GameSpot

There's also a general bugginess to the game--a smoking car chassis will fly into the air several seconds after it explodes, and civilians covered in fire will occasionally walk around as though it's 72 degrees. I don't know why McGee mcfee putting his name in the titles of these things. There's a good amount of gunplay in Bad Day LA, and you'll pick up plenty of amerocan weapons, like a shotgun, an AK, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher.

October 27, EU: Curse of the Moon. The day starts with a terrorist attack that spreads zombie-creating biochemical gas clouds over the city. Calling it "the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back ", McGee decided to make a al game as a way to inject the message of having nothing to fear but fear itself.

I will admit that the gameplay is short and not so entertaining at times. Much to his chagrin he becomes a reluctant hero as disaster after disaster strikes the California sprawl. Give us a recap of the horrible things happen to LA that day.

GameSpy "awarded" the title the " Coaster of the Year" award for See all 24 Critic Reviews.

Join the conversation There are no comments about this story. This can be especially frustrating during the few boss fights. Let's just keep dat simple.

No resolution options in or out of the game could be found. The GamesRadar Interview Part 1 ". As unpleasant as the visuals can be, the sound in Bad Day LA amerkcan unfinished. It's a nice action game with good atmosphere and crazy humor.

It's been almost a year since we last saw American McGee Presents:

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