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I'm a bit confused on this part. Do you already have an account? I know there are professional CS teams but I have never heard of a professional Crossfire team.

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Crossfire is alright, but if you strkke supreme gaming, go with Counter Strike. Any mode existing in Crossfire can be done in CS with some scripting knowledge. Good luck with whatever you choose!

I would choose Counter Strike, I have spent over 1. I recommend you to choose Counter-Strike over Crossfire, not because it's the most popular online first-person shooter game but because it is one of the most challenging game of its kind.

Choosing wisely, Crossfire or Counter Strike

Yes, my password is: FairdinkumbJan 27, I've never heard of crossfire before, sounds at least interesting to check out. AkoltJan 2, Both are losing developer support. I have spent a considerable amount of time into this game.

Jacob BoydJan 14, PyroTech03Sep 16, Look I'm playing those game around - so might be crossfire got more improvement than Counter Strike I reckon.

It can be modded, which could provide uncountable possibilities in order to make changes to gameplay. Share This Page Tweet. CF GM are not like Steam where they can response any certain conflicts that experienced by players.

It's just so addictive and it's pretty cheap, too. I'm a bit confused on this part.

They only care for money than quality. It doesn't have high quality graphics but it is better compared to Crossfire.

CS:GO vs Crossfire :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive General Discussions

Believe me, the game will thoroughly test your response time, focus and reaction. Log in or Sign up. Counterstrike is simply a classic and you cannot go wrong with it. Crossfire is free to play and Counter-Strike is pay to play.

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ConvexJan 19, No, create an account now. Global Offensive is more challenging than Crossfire. ManlupigSep 15, Discussion in ' Video Games ' started by AkoltJan 2, I know there are professional CS teams but I have never heard of a professional Crossfire team.

If you making comparison between CS Counter-Strike and Crossfire I would choose Counter Strike but Crossfire it's not that bad at all I'm playing this game and found something that really interesting here rather than Counter Strike such as Zombie mode and Ghost mode!

Mitch RyanJan 6, You must log in or sign crrossfire to reply here.

Counter Strike has better graphics and is more popular by far, and I say it's worth the money. CSS has superior graphics, better modding abilities and is simply more popular. Oh man, I played both and I would say to croswfire Counter Strike.

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