Everquest map pack

As I was knocking out tradeskills, I added hundreds of different ground spawn locations. We thank you for being part of the community and for sharing your map skills with the rest of Norrath! Most of these maps were done a long time ago with automap on.

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Also, much easier to see the different underwater passages and layout. In The Darkened Sea, spent quite a bit of time cleaning up and recoloring the geometry in Arx Mentis, should be much easier to see how to get around.

These buttons allow you to zoom in and out. Everything from original EQ zones to RoS. Reverted the Gukta page back to the Grobb page which I found at the Internet Archive and updated the main page accordingly.

Easier to see evrequest floors in houses in the cave.

You can also turn everqyest the automatic mode that will start the line where you are and add new points every time your character changes directions until you choose msp end the line. When drawing maps, you can go to one location, mark that as a starting point for a line, then move to another and mark the end of the line.

These are best-of maps that I have put time into cleaning up, clarifying, and correcting. You can only have 1 active layer at a time.

EQ Map Files – Brewall's EverQuest Maps

With all the maps through Gates of Discord done, and Omens of War almost finished, I decided to make a pass through zones in the subsequent expansions to standardize and clean them up.

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Cave remap Qeynos Hills qeytoqrg Blackburrow blackburrow. Progression servers will likely be excited for my LDoN maps.

Layers - Each zone map has four layers. Thread starter Redbot Start date Aug 16, You can set the Low and High setting to the numbers that suit you best. Zone Connection Map Faydwer.


It's the map pack I recommend on my website to people too. New version of map files putting the prior edition to shame. Bastion of Thunder Crypt of Terris Thule a.

However, there may be some zones that restrict access of making a map. Took me a long time to get z-axis clean. I only include pillars or walls in my map.

If you are in EoK or doing progression server in Luclin, there are tons of enhancements: Before the in-game map viewer appeared, everyone had a binder of maps. In Prophesy everquset RoI redid the coloring of the upper layers making it easier to understand the zone. I went from using mapfiends map pack to Goods though I have heard the name Brewall mentioned over the years a lot. Includes all of my personal maps for The Broken Mirror.

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